I have lost or forgotten my password

If you have lost or forgotten your password, you need to reset it and respond to the email that you receive.


Click here to ‘Reset your password’ and you will then receive an email shortly after with instructions and a link to change your password.


Once this has been changed, you will receive a confirmation email. Please type your new password carefully.


If you receive the error screen below, please consider the following reasons:




    • You may have mis-typed your email address – please check and try again
    • Your Tennis TV email address may be different from the one you have input here
    • You may not have been migrated to the new system and will need to SIGN UP again

If you no longer have access to the email address you use for Tennis TV and want to reset your password, please contact our help team who will be able to assist you.


If you are an existing subscriber, you will need to reset your password in order to access the all-new Tennis TV.

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