Paying by credit or debit card

It is quick and easy to subscribe to TennisTV using your credit or debit card. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do so…

  1. Enter a valid email address and create a password as your log-in details. Read and accept our terms and conditions, and privacy policy. If you are already a Tennis TV registered user (perhaps you’ve had a subscription before) please select Log In.


2) Choose whether you want a monthly or an annual subscription to Tennis TV. These auto-renew each month/year until actively cancelled.

The ANNUAL product lasts 12 months from when you purchase; the MONTHLY plan lasts until the same time next month.



3) Select pay with ‘Credit/Debit Card’ and enter your card details on the right and also your Address details. Please leave the Voucher Code area blank (unless you have a voucher, of course!) Click NEXT. If you cannot move onto the next stage of the process, please check you have filled out all the compulsory fields. These fields have an asterisk (*) by them.


4) Check and confirm your purchase by clicking continue.


5) You’re in! Enjoy all our live ATP World Tour matches, on-demand replays, highlights, classic matches and more…

Click continue for the final step.



6) Please take the time to fill out this next screen so that we can tailor our products and communication with you more closely.


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