How to get push alerts on iOS and Android devices

Push alert functionality for favourite players and specific matches is available.

NEW: You can now set a match alert manually for any match in the Schedule of Play.

Go to the Tennis TV website and ensure you are logged in. Use the interactive button on the far right of the match listing in the order of play and click on Add Match Alert. You will then get a push alert on any mobile device where you are logged in to the Tennis TV app (the app doesn’t need to be running)


To be able to receive push alerts from Tennis TV you need to make sure you have Notifications turned on in your Settings on your mobile device.  If you need to do this click here and follow the instructions.


Favourite Player Match and Video Alerts

You will receive an alert when

a) one of your favourite players is about to begin a match

b) one of your favourite players features in a video published on Tennis TV


  • Please ensure that you are logged in on your computer or mobile device
  • Go to the PLAYERS channel and select the RANKINGS tab
  • Using the interactive button on the right (the three white dots), please select ADD TO “MY PLAYERS”
  • You can choose up to 5 favourite players
  • Your mobile device will now receive alerts – you need to have the Tennis TV app, and to be logged in on the same account on the app.
  • Clicking on the alert takes you straight to the match or video on your app


If you want to turn off the alerts you can either deselect all the players in the PLAYERS channel, or turn off Tennis TV alerts within your phone in the SETTINGS menu.


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