Changing my direct debit details

If you pay for your Tennis TV subscription by direct debit and you need to change your details, then there are two ways of doing this.


Changing the bank:

If you are changing banks then the bank will deal with moving the direct debits across as part of their service, therefore, you do not need any interaction with this process.

The change of details request from the bank to Tennis TV is automatically processed within 3 working days.

Ensure that your details are updated in time before your next subscription renewal date, otherwise the process will take slightly longer than usual, as payment will attempt to be taken from your old details.


Changing the card: 

You will need to email our customer support team: and provide the change of card details which will be updated for you.

The process of changing your details can take up to 10 working days.

Similarly to the option above, please ensure your details are updated in time before your next renewal date, otherwise your old details will attempt to be charged.