How do I enable flash on Safari browser?

The latest version of the Safari browser blocks Tennis TV’s flash player.

In order to allow flash on Tennis TV for the best experience, please follow these instructions:


Visit Tennis TV and try to access / watch a match (for example a replay match).

  1. From the top left corner of your browser / desktop select SAFARI > PREFERENCES


2. Across the top are a number of tools and options. Click SECURITY


3. Select ‘Allow Plug-ins’ so that the box is ticked blue

4. Click ‘Plug-in Settings’

5. In the left hand menu click ‘Adobe Flash Player’ so that the box is ticked blue


In the Adobe Flash Player description on the right hand side, you will see ‘Currently Open Websites’ and the URL for Tennis TV.

6. Click ‘Allow’ from the drop down list of options. Click ‘Done’. 

7. Close the browser tabs (to refresh) and try and access a Tennis TV match. You can now use Tennis TV as usual.

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