How do I watch multiple courts at a time?

The new Tennis TV multi-court and multi-view options are now available on the website. 


Click on LIVE MATCHES in the top left hand corner of any video, and you will see the live matches that are in progress.




If you click on the name of the match in the Multi-court lineup, you will see an option to view up to four matches at the same time.

Your options are:

  • Picture in Picture – swap the matches by using the arrow icons


  • One main screen and three smaller ones
    • To create this mosaic, click on the right hand side icon and the match will appear in the right hand area




  • To change the match sound, click on the match image itself. The match with sound will have blue around it
  • To change the match in the main area, click on the left/right arrows below the match to swap it with the main match

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