Why doesn’t Tennis TV show more matches?

Rest assured that wherever we have the broadcasting rights and the court is being produced for broadcast, we’ll bring you the action.

In 2020, we plan to show over 2,000 live matches from ATP Tour tournaments around the globe. Every singles and doubles match from the Masters 1000s will be streamed live. We are also showing every singles match from the 500s and plan to have increased our coverage from the 250s.

Some outer courts and doubles matches are not currently produced, so we can’t bring them to Tennis TV.

Certain ATP Tour 250s grant us only a limited number of matches, because only a small selection is produced for television. This is usually the answer to “Why aren’t you showing…”

There are also a small number of instances where live streams are not available to users in a specific country, so please click What is geoblocking? to find out which tournaments are affected by geoblocking.

Tennis TV does not show Grand Slams, the Davis Cup or the Fed Cup.