Why is my Tennis TV live stream behind scoring websites?

Scoring websites, which send live scores data across the internet, use very small packets of data and therefore bandwidth. Some betting sites which offer video streaming will also be slightly ahead of our streams as they deliver to a far lower quality.

Distributing 1080p HD video streams requires a lot more data and bandwidth and therefore it takes longer to reach your computer or device. This creates what is known as “latency”.

Additionally, depending on where the tennis tournament is being played in the world and what device you are watching on will also affect how soon you see the action after the live scores.

Live video delivery can be complex and the process can have many dependencies such as, for example, satellite(s) or fibre networks used by the TV production companies, the encoding process and content delivery networks and their server locations in relation to you.

Tennis TV works hard with its technical partners to minimise latency, but we also have to bear in mind customers’ expectations of high quality video delivery.

More about streaming quality: https://help.tennistv.com/how-good-is-stream-and-video-quality/


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