Why is there no commentary on this match?

Tennis TV provides commentary on the majority of matches.

During an ATP 1000 or ATP 500 tournament, we will provide the broadcast feed with English language commentary, which will be listed first on the products.

This broadcast feed moves from match to match, and so we also offer a feed without commentary for the major courts. This ‘court feed’ will be uninterrupted and will be displayed as Player v Player.

On occasion, a major match will not have a complete commentary track, as it was only partially shown on the broadcast feed. In this case, we will use the court feed (without commentary) for the replay.

We will also provide commentary on selected additional courts. These courts usually cover matches that are of interest to fans but are unlikely to feature in full on the broadcast feed.

Due to scheduling and court allocation, sometimes a major match will not have commentary at all. We try to avoid this in our planning, but because of the uncertain duration of tennis matches, it is sometimes unavoidable.

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